Sunday, April 22, 2012

Map of Spring 2012 Itinerary

Itinerary for Italy Trip - Spring 2012

Here is the itinerary (revised) for our upcoming (Spring 2012) Italy trip.

4/25: Leave Dulles for Malpensa Airport (Milan) (A)
4/25-28: Livorno (Leghorn) (B)
4/28-30: Palau Sardinia (D)
4/30-5/5: Cagliari Sardinia (E)
5/5-7: Oliena Sardinia (F)
5/7-10: Oristano Sardinia (G)
5/10-13: Alghero Sardinia (H)
5/13: Olbia Sardinia (I)
5/14-17: Pisa (J)
5/17-19: Cannara (Umbria) (K)
5/19-22: Modena (L)
5/22-24: Ranco (Lake Maggiore) (M)
5/24: Fly back to the US from Malpensa (N)

This is our first trip to Sardinia...which is the only Italian region that we haven't visited. We are also spending two nights in Cannara to check out the villa where we are staying next year with our children and grandchildren.

We had to revise the original itinerary substituting Pisa for Rome because our day ferry to Rome from Sardinia was we are returning to Livorno from Sardinia.